Coalition Expedition Force

The Coalition Expedition Force is the name given to the exploration team that was formed as a symbol of unity between Arkadia and The Five Kingdoms. This team is in command of an airship, The Wyvern, and consists of a full airship crew as well as a ground exploration team.

What the Public Thinks

The public was told that this force was formed due to the sudden realization by both Arkadia and The Five Kingdoms that they were not alone in the world. History was re-written the day a group of adventurers from the South made their way completely across the Unclaimed Lands, arriving in Arkadia.

Who knows what else may lie in the Unclaimed Lands? Are there other surviving civilizations? These are the questions the Coalition Expedition Force seek to answer.

The Truth

Very few people know it, but a dark shadowy energy has been detected emerging across the continent. Some fear this heralds the return of the infamous Nightmare god. The Coalition Expedition Force was created in order to explore and investigate the occurrences of this energy in hopes to stop another global war from happening.


The members of the force include:

Coalition Expedition Force

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