God of Trickery and Fear


This creepy human tends to remain out of sight, keeping to the shadows. He is cloaked and talks in hushed tones.


God of Trickery and Fear

Zyne, or “The Fear in the Hearts of Men”, was created during The First Day. As such, he is one of the 3 oldest and most powerful gods of Acheron, along with Vahn and Mahou (now deceased). He represents the side of mortals which is selfish and deceitful. He lives in Arkadia along with most of the other gods, but he is one of the few who actually venture out of the city these days. Knowing what dangers are approaching the world, he intends on gathering power for himself in order to protect the world from destruction… only to rule it in the end.

Ancient History

Zyne helped create the Sword of Yusha to fight the Nightmare, and he strongly believed the sword should belong to him. The other gods agreed to hand the sword over to Yusha, a human with exceptional gifts and potential.

Zyne decided to bide his time, and waited until after the war to make his move. With both the Nightmare and Yusha dead, Mahou wanted to hide the sword from everyone, believing it to be too powerful for anyone to wield. Zyne decided to strike, and attacked Mahou. The battle ended when Zyne briefly held the Sword and struck Mahou, killing him and causing The Cataclysm. Zyne was barely able to escape the chaos, and lost the Sword in the process.

Involvement in Our Game

He discovered the party had the Sword of Yusha and sent several of his agents to steal it from them by any means necessary. The cleric named Lucius the Black was the most troublesome of these, becoming somewhat of an arch nemesis for the group.

Having failed to get the Sword by force, he then attempted to get it by legal means. He sued the party for damages and losses, branding them as traitors and thieves. This too failed, but he was able to broker a deal with Darius. Darius would open his mind to Zyne, allowing them to communicate at any distance. He would become a spy for Zyne, and inform him of the party’s whereabouts and actions.


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