God of Luck


A suave and handsome human, he carries himself with a bit of swagger. He is always wearing fashionable clothing and is often seen rolling a coin back and forth over his fingers.


God of Luck

Murza, “The Balancer of Fate”, holds sway over the domain of luck. Good luck comes along with the bad, and no one understands this more than Murza. He resides in his airship casino, Fate’s Fortune, floating above the city of Arkadia in the north.

Ancient History

Following The Cataclysm, Murza believed the good fortune of the planet had finally dried up. He built his airship casino and stays in Arkadia now, hoping to ride out this streak of bad luck. He has frequent poker tournaments for charity to build up good karma, all the while tipping the odds in the favor of the house to make some profit on the side.

Invovlement in Our Game

The party enlisted in the Fate’s Fortune Annual Celebrity Poker Tournament in order to court Murza’s favor and “get luck on their side”. That night, not only did the group of adventurers gain reputation amongst the elite members of Arkadian society, but also won the poker tournament. Izzegio even managed to single-handedly thwart a plot to rob the casino vaults.

As a reward, Murza gave Izzy a lucky cloak, and donated The Wyvern, a swift airship, to the group to aid in their travels.


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