Darius "Double Luck" Nirro

Tiefling Fire Wizard


A male Tiefling wearing nice robes, he appears to be civil enough most of the time. However, a wildfire rages under the surface.


Originally a member of the Argent League of Explorers (or the A.L.E.), he joined the party after they saved Woodfall. Obsessed with fire, he only seeks to increase his own power, and has the lofty goal of one day obtaining godhood. After playing a crucial role in crashing an airship by catching it on fire, he stood trial along with the rest of the group. Zyne offered him a deal he couldn’t refuse… become a spy for Zyne and allow him access to Darius’s mind, and he will go free. Since then, Darius has become more and more paranoid, doubting the loyalty of all around him.

Darius has an academic obsession with growing Synergistics South: A Paradigm Company and is pretty much the “go to” guy in the party when incredibly shady deals need dealing. Sometimes, Darius would lie if the truth was easier. At the end of the day, though, Darius recognizes his allies are an integral part to his plans to become a God and the world needs saving.

Darius knows that fire doesn’t solve all problems: sometimes lots of fire is necessary.

Darius "Double Luck" Nirro

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