Demon Lawyer


Balthazar is a Balor, one of the most powerful types of demons. He makes a living as a lawyer in Arkadia. His flexible morals and clever methods of bending the laws make him extraordinarily successful at it.


Balthazar, or as his friends refer to him… “Balzy”, first met our group of adventurers after they were involved in a giant Airship battle on the way into Arkadia. The agents of Zyne were making a last ditch effort to steal the Sword of Yusha by killing everyone on board the transport ship they were on. Even though they were defending themselves, the church of Zyne took the group to court in order to blame them for the skirmish, claiming it as an act of terrorism.

Balthazar was the group’s court-appointed lawyer, and managed to talk them into purchasing his “Gold Elite Defense Package”. Only Darius knows the true price of this upgrade… the party now owes Balthazar a favor, redeemable whenever he chooses. He was able to win the case in the end, and all charges were dropped.

Recently, the party enlisted Balzy’s help again in order to negotiate a deal with Bane Brisbee to start a new company, Paradigm (a subsidiary of Synergistics). Balthazar entered a contract with the group, splitting a 49 percent ownership share with the other 6 party members (at 7 percent each). Bane Brisbee remained the CEO at a 51 percent ownership share.


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