New God of Magic


This mysterious figure appears to be a half elf in his mid-30’s. Just being near him inspires a sense of awe, as it is possible to actually feel the amount of magical power he is in command of.


New God of Magic

Azerus, or “The Lord of Spells”, has control over the domain of magic. Since magic pervades all of reality and binds the world together, this makes him one of the three most powerful gods, along with Vahn and Zyne. He resides in a tower on the main continent, and keeps an active eye on the Column of Light and the rift caused by The Cataclysm.

Ancient History

Azerus once served as a high wizard and priest of Mahou, the Old God of Magic. After Mahou was slain by Zyne, Azerus was appointed to fill the position. His first task was to mend the rift which opened after Mahou’s death. Although he was unable to completely get rid of it, the energy there is no longer raging out of control.

Azerus was able to locate the Sword of Yusha and carried out his predecessor’s wishes, hiding it from all mortals and gods. Zyne sees Azerus as a young upstart, and still schemes to steal the Sword by any means necessary, although he would not risk another world-changing event by killing another god.

Involvement in Our Game

As Azerus was once a mortal himself, he feels he must get involved in the affairs of mortals more than most gods. He has played a very active role in the story, becoming a sort of mentor and adviser for the party.

He first appeared to our heroes outside the Tomb of Squee. They had found a magical scroll by chance, and it was coincidentally meant to be delivered to Azerus. He made special note that fate had brought them to him, and they had a large role to play in the future of Acheron.

He later aided them in the defense of Woodfall (not directly, as he said this would draw the attention of others, but he provided information and later saved them from a large explosion and collapse of a mine).

He informed the party that they had a significant destiny, and he would explain everything to them if they were able to seek out his tower deep within the Unclaimed Lands.

After reaching the tower, Azerus informed the party of the history of the world, and their part to play in it. He gifted them with the Sword of Yusha, and told them to protect it at all costs. The party was charged with the task of bringing it to Arkadia safely.

After reaching Arkadia, Azerus aided the group in meeting high-ranking officials and even other Gods in the city. Now, he serves a supporting role, only interfering when absolutely necessary.


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