Anna Maelstrom

Human Cleric


Sweet girl with blonde hair. She speaks with an accent that betrays she grew up amongst Dwarves, and is a priest of the dwarven god of earth.


Anna is the sister of Warren Maelstrom. Like Warren, she lived in Rhyxis when she was young, before the place was overrun by undead and their father Wilhelm sacrificed himself to save them.

After this, she lived amongst the dwarves in Khor’a Dhun, becoming a cleric of the dwarven god of earth and protection. Eventually, Anna joined the Argent League of Explorers and started traveling into the Unclaimed Lands.

She joined up with the main party for awhile, and helped them put Wilhelm Maelstrom out of his misery.

Much later, she sent a letter to the Coalition Expedition Force stating that she had taken up residence with the goblins in the newly-discovered Goblin Kingdom. She was attempting to learn from and teach them on behalf of the Argent League of Explorers. She invited them to come visit and help the goblins with some issues they were facing in hopes that they would ally themselves with the The Five Kingdoms.

Anna Maelstrom

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