Shadows of Acheron

37 - Mint Condition

  • Azerus sent his servants Rory and Steve to help Bendix track down Hazelnut Waffles, the corrupt police mage who framed them for the murder of Silvia Swanson.
  • The party sat down and digested all of the information they knew so far. Dark Dawn had always been interested in gathering power (from both the Shadowfel and Feywild), gathering large weapons of mass destruction (at the Goblin Kingdoms), and destabilizing local governments (at Argent).
  • Dark Dawn clearly wanted to attack the party’s reputation and implicate them in murder to get them out of the way. Clearly a major plot was about to be executed in Arkadia.
  • Bendix, with Rory’s help, located Hazelnut Waffles. She was near one of Arkadia’s Residuum Mints, the sources of limitless ritual components which were used to create Arkadia’s currency and fuel the magical rituals that made the city so magnificent.
  • Clearly Dark Dawn’s ultimate plan was to break into these mints and steal massive amounts of Residuum, perhaps to fuel some massive ritual of nefarious consequences.
  • Bendix contacted some of his colleagues in the city… “Baby Body” Muldoon (a halfling male rogue who was an expert at infiltration), “Miracle Girl” (a human female jack-of-all-trades), Slotrow Hornbath (a half-elf male master of disguise), and Hodgemaproops (a gnome male illusionist). This group gave their opinions how how to best perform a heist of this magnitude, and told the party what to look out for.
  • A plan was formulated. Team A would go to the mint Hazelnut Waffles was at and try to stop her from breaking in. Team B (the thief team) would go to a different mint and stop them from breaking in. Team C would warn the gods and Archibald Bacon about everything, hopefully getting them involved in protecting the other 3 mints.
  • The party (Team A), arrived at the mint Hazelnut was at. She was already inside. They used magic to disguise themselves as the mint’s president and entourage and sneaked inside.
  • They convinced the security team that they were performing a spot inspection, and navigated to the vault, where they found Hazelnut in the middle of her theft of all the Residuum in the vault.
  • After a brief skirmish, they subdued Hazelnut and stopped her from stealing the magical components.
  • Archibald Bacon showed up with a squad of Arkadian police. Reginald Van Dyke also showed up a moment later to again chastise the party for their involvement in crimes.
  • Surprisingly, Van Dyke suddenly stabbed Bacon in the back, killing him! He ordered the police to attack and kill the party as well. Van Dyke was a member of Dark Dawn, and was behind this entire plot!
  • The party killed him in an epic battle.
  • All told, they stopped Dark Dawn from stealing the contents of the vault they were at. Team B (the thief team) also stopped Dark Dawn from stealing their mint’s contents… only to steal the contents for themselves. The other 3 mints were unfortunately successfully robbed by the cult.
  • The next day, they resurrected both Van Dyke and Bacon and interrogated Van Dyke. He revealed it was too late, that the 3 mints worth of Residuum was more than enough to complete the ritual they needed to perform, and “the master” would be more powerful than ever before, and become unstoppable. When asked who “the master” was, Van Dyke said, Yusha of course.
  • Archibald Bacon said the party should travel to a location called The Glimmering Isle, which was the place of origin for the two cults. Bendix recognized this from ancient history as the final resting place of the body of Yusha.
  • Over the next few days, the truth came out in the public about the End of the World, the party’s involvement in trying to stop it, and the recent smear campaign to destroy their reputation. In time, the controversy will die out, but people have very mixed opinions about the whole situation.
  • Has Yusha come back from the grave “tainted” by the evil he once fought? Has Dark Dawn gathered enough power to complete their evil plans? They have already gathered energy from the Shadowfel and Feywild, and obtained vast amounts of Residuum from Arkadia. Van Dyke claims it’s too late, but the party now ventures out into the wild once more to attempt to find The Glimmering Isle and get to the bottom of this once and for all.



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