Shadows of Acheron

36 - The Plot Thickens... Again

  • Reginald Van Dyke showed up to investigate the scene of Silvia’s death in the park. He agreed to let them leave the scene as long as they remained under the watchful eye of Archibald Bacon.
  • Bucky Brooks released another article about the murder of Silvia Swanson at the hands of the party, and how they tried to kill him too. This was devastating to the party’s already shaky reputation.
  • The party decided the best way to combat the rumors and implications was to cooperate fully with the investigation. The police were recording all of their actions magically, so the recording should prove they didn’t kill Silvia. They decided to turn themselves into the police.
  • In the “Accusation Parlor”, the new more politically correct name for the “Interrogation Room”, the party submitted themselves to questioning.
  • Hazlenut Waffles, the gnome mage who cast the tracking spell on them, cast a ritual to play back the recording of the events from the park.
  • Surprisingly, the recordings had somehow been doctored! It clearly showed Darius Nirro summoning the Behir which killed Silvia, and Diego attempting to kill Bucky Brooks!
  • The party was immediately placed under arrest, but they spotted the Dark Dawn tattoo on Hazlenut Waffles’ shoulder!
  • Archibald Bacon came to the party’s cell and helped them break out of prison, saying this all was a Dark Dawn plot and obviously they wanted the party out of the way. Something big was coming up soon, and they needed to be free to stop it.
  • After a daring escape, the party boarded their airship. Murza, the god of luck, contacted them and offered them a place to hide aboard his giant floating airship casino. They flew and docked up there and began to plan their next move.



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