Shadows of Acheron

35 - I'm Bucky Brooks!

  • The party set about investigating Silvia Swanson, the reporter for the Arkadian Times who was suspiciously “in the know” about the party’s misdeeds, and had been printing stories about various atrocities they’d committed. They suspected she was secretly a member of Dark Dawn, and was pulling strings to set this whole plot into motion.
  • They tracked down where she lived and where she worked. Most of the party distracted the door man at her apartment complex while Izzegio “Izzy” Harloen sneaked upstairs to have a chat with her.
  • She surprisingly let Izzy into her apartment. Izzy asked why she had been reporting all of these bad things about them without ever hearing their side of the story. She agreed to let the party come to the newspaper office and have an exclusive interview to clear their name.
  • Izzy failed to “put the moves” on her, but did manage to sneak a peek into her study and spy a new article she was writing. From what he could gather, the article was about how the party, with the help of Azerus and other deities, were concealing facts about the supposed “End of the World,” and were involved in a major conspiracy.
  • After leaving, the party cast a ritual to allow Izzy to scry into her apartment once more. He witnessed her having a discussion with someone, saying “phase 2” was almost ready to begin, and they should meet in the “usual spot” tomorrow after her interview with the party.
  • The party went to a competitor newspaper named the Gazette and tracked down a plucky young cub reporter named Bucky Brooks. They preemptively fed him the “real, true” story about everything from the End of the World to their involvement with the cyclops village murders, etc. He was excited to get the “scoop” on the story.
  • The next day, Darius Nirro paid for the Gazette to print triple the amount of papers normally in circulation, and Izzy bribed paperboys from the Times to throw that paper away and distribute the Gazette instead, thereby ensuring that their version of the story would flood the streets instead of the “false” story printed by Silvia Swanson.
  • The party ran into Zyne at the Gazette office. He was happily giving an interview with Silvia in order to further drag the party’s name through the mud.
  • The group had their interview with Silvia and informed her that her plan was foiled, that they had preemptively released all details of the story to the public. She was not happy.
  • After the interview, they followed Silvia to her secret meeting spot in the middle of the park. She was having a discussion with a person who turned out to be Bucky Brooks. It was a simple matter of her wondering how he had scooped her, and didn’t appear to be the “secret meeting” she had alluded to earlier.
  • Silvia secretly summoned a giant dragon-like creature called a Behir, which immediately ate her, effectively she committed suicide. She managed to scream out to Bucky, saying the party had summoned the beast to kill and silence her. Bucky Brooks, terrified, began to run away but was stopped when Diego Armando knocked him unconscious.
  • The party killed the Behir, but when they looked around, Bucky Brooks had somehow disappeared without a trace. From Bucky’s perspective, they had killed Silvia. This was bound to come up again in the near future.



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