Shadows of Acheron

34 - A Gaggle of Orphans Without Depth Perception

  • The Arkadian police officers Archibald Bacon and Reginald Van Dyke investigated the crime scene of Bane Brisbee‘s murder. Darius Nirro and Balthazar set about the work of hiding evidence of the company’s involvement in any misdeeds, and locating Bane’s will… which laid out 50 different ways to attempt to bring him back to life before actually moving on to making other plans about the company or his wealth.
  • Hazlenut Waffles, a female gnome mage with the Arkadian police force, cast a ritual which displayed an illusion recreating the events in the room over the last few hours. A shadowy figure was seen murdering Bane and then setting up the explosives outside the window.
  • This cleared the party of direct involvement, but as a precautionary measure, Van Dyke told Hazlenut to cast a tracking spell on the party. This would record their actions and allow the police to track their whereabouts for the next few days until this whole thing blows over.
  • The attacks at the statue and Synergistics HQ were not the only ones. Many buildings around the city were bombed, including a church of Azerus, a church (aka Casino) of Murza, several government offices. The uniting pattern was all of the targets seem to be anyone who has ever helped our party of heroes.
  • Newspaper articles stirred up a lot of controversy, claiming the Coalition Expedition Force is a corrupt front, and the “heroes” are directly responsible for a few atrocities in the wilderness, including the attempted genocide of a tribe of cyclops, and the ritual slaughter of a religious tribe of trolls. The article highlighted the existence of refugee cyclops and troll orphans who were now dwelling in a slum of Arkadia who fled the destruction.
  • The party found the orphans in the slums, and it was all true. Anna Maelstrom took it upon herself to look after the children.
  • Meanwhile, Bendix and crew went back to the hotel to interrogate the mysterious assailant who blew up the statue of Darius the previous day. The perpetrator turned out to be a female cyclops, the wife of the slain cyclops chief from the village in the wilderness. She swore to get revenge, and said she was not alone.
  • It seems the attacks around town were being committed by victims of the parties’ various deeds and misdeeds.
  • The party tracked down the port authority officer who admitted the orphan refugees into the city. He said a reporter named Silvia Swanson from the Arkadian Times had been by weeks ago to interview him about the children. The same reporter was responsible for writing the articles slandering the party and blaming them for the attacks.
  • The odd thing was, this reporter was aware of the situation weeks ago, and was suspiciously ahead of the curve on this plot. She warranted further investigation.
  • Archibald Bacon was contacted by Bendix and the others, and took the cyclops woman into police custody. He revealed that he was actually a member of the secret organization The Faithmarked, and he suspected the involvement of Dark Dawn in this plot.



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