Shadows of Acheron

33 - Another Explosive Entrance

  • Ozymandias Menethil made another appearance on the airship. Bendix, unfamiliar with the wizard, approached and spoke. Ozy proceeded to freak out and use highly overpowered teleportation magic to send the airship careening through multiple planes of existence. Anna Maelstrom was finally able to calm him down.
  • Azerus appeared after the commotion and revealed what he believed to be the cause… Ozy has become the new god of Travel. Azerus had sent him beyond the rift to determine what had happened to Terminus, the previous god of Travel who hadn’t been heard from since the cataclysm. Ozy found his body and absorbed his divinity, and was having a hard time adjusting to his new state. Azerus would need to help Ozy through this time, being the only mortal who has actually ascended to godhood before.
  • The party then traveled to Arkadia to follow up on their investigation into the mysterious organization Dark Dawn. The trolls in the Goblin Kingdoms had information that could only have come from someone with detailed knowledge about ancient history… which only could come from someone in Arkadia.
  • Upon arrival, the party witnessed the explosion which destroyed the beloved statue of Darius Nirro. Above the site, the words “Your idols are false, and must be destroyed” were written in the sky in fire. The explosion also killed a few innocent bystanders. Springing into action, they resurrected a small child and attended to the wounds of others.
  • Faren Harloen, from aboard the airship, spotted a large cloaked figure in the crowd. The others ran after it, and Bendix managed to mark the target with his ability to track them down for 24 hours.
  • Darius discovered the explosion was caused by an alchemical explosive combined with a magical ritual to create the words in the sky. They noted the best place to obtain such reagents was the magical superstore named “Prestidigitation Nation.”
  • Reginald Van Dyke and Archibald Bacon, members of the Arkadian Police, showed up at the scene to investigate. Van Dyke, an inept captain, bickered with Bendix about their storied past. Bacon simply asked how his parents were doing and offered to take him out for a drink sometime.
  • The gang went to Prestidigitation Nation and asked for a list of names of people who acquired any reagents that could be used to make the explosives.
  • They also attempted to do some shopping, but realized they did not have Arkadian currency, which are paper bills infused with Residiuum (magical reagents). Bendix took them to a bank to exchange their currency before they were able to purchase equipment.
  • After shopping, Bendix tracked down the mysterious assailant to a seedy hotel on the other side of the city. He was able to sneak in while the person was in the shower and place paralytic poison in their shoes.
  • Meanwhile, Darius went to the headquarters of Synergistics to check in with them, only to discover that the CEO, Bane Brisbee, had been murdered! He summoned Balthazar and they began going over the legal implications of this event.
  • As they were talking, Darius noticed another cloaked figure on the ledge outside. The figure placed an explosive on the window and dove off the side of the building. Darius and Balthazar dove behind cover just as it exploded.
  • The others on the streets below saw the explosion and rushed to investigate. They arrived just as the Arkadian Police did. Van Dyke ordered that they stay where they are, as this was now an active crime scene.



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