Welcome to the world of Acheron!

3754 years ago a world-ending event, The Cataclysm, occurred, wiping out a majority of the population. The survivors retreated to the southwest corner of the main continent, and eventually formed The Five Kingdoms.

History before The Cataclysm has been lost to The Five Kingdoms. Due to the chaotic nature of the days surrounding that time, all mortal races were concentrating solely on survival, and had little use for tales of times past. Once civilization was established there, none were alive that remembered the events before The Cataclysm.

Outside the domain of the Kingdoms, the main continent is known as the Unclaimed Lands, a vast frontier filled with ruins of the kingdoms that once existed there. Monsters, demons, and other creatures hold sway over these regions. Only the most heroic and brave dare to travel too far away from civilization.

The Five Kingdoms have had struggles over territory in the past, but no major wars ever broke out. No one wants large scale war, as this could lead to further reduction in the already small population. These days, the borders are well established, and attentions have turned to exploration of the Unclaimed Lands.

Our Story Begins…

As the Unclaimed lands are a major focus now, many frontier towns are being founded. These towns are outside the borders of the Kingdoms, and as such are independent.

As our tale begins, a collection of adventurers have decided to try their luck in one of the newest towns, Woodfall. They have been hired to protect a caravan traveling there. The caravan consists merchants and enterprising individuals seeking to make their fortune in the Unclaimed Lands. At the beginning of our story, they are almost to Woodfall and will arrive the next day.

Shadows of Acheron

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