A fairly new mining and foresting town, Woodfall served as the base of operations for our heroes’ first adventures. Woodfall is located a three day’s journey north from the center of the border of Lookshy, the northernmost of The Five Kingdoms.

Geographic Features

Woodfall is located in a hilly, forested region which is very similar to the South Dakota region in the United States. As such, it has a decent lumber output. The main cause of the town’s formation, however, was the discovery of deposits of gold in several rivers and caves nearby.

Town Details

All of the buildings in town were made using the plentiful lumber in the area, giving the town a very “new” feeling. There is one large well in the center of town, in the middle of the main street. Along this street are the town’s businesses, including an inn, bar, general store, city hall, blacksmith, and shipping service. The town is surrounded by a tall wooden wall, with lookout towers constructed at each of the four corners.

Notable Citizens

In-Game Events

  • Our party first arrived in town as guards for Ellsworth, a prospector hoping to strike it rich in the gold mines. They were put up in the inn by him, and asked to wait around in town in case he needed their services further. Later, they helped Ellsworth when Jack Langrishe attempted to cheat him on a land deal, and discovered a rich deposit of residium on the land, much more valuable than gold.

  • They soon turned their attentions to the road back to Lookshy, as reports were coming in of attacks along the way. They found a maddened forest dryad who was manipulating animals to attack travelers and killed her, freeing up the trade routes from Woodfall to The Five Kingdoms.

  • Ellsworth’s mine was continuously vandalized, tools broken, and signs left warning him to shut the mine down. The party blamed Langrishe and got in a huge bar fight with his goons, but were mistaken. The true culprits were a group of Drow, who attacked the town after Ellsworth re-opened the mines. Our heroes defended the town alongside Langrishe’s men, their previous enemies.

  • A small group of peaceful Drow, led by what turned out to be two of our heroes’ long-lost father, befriended Woodfall and promised to help defend it agains the other Drow. They sent our heroes to the Tomb of Squee to obtain an old relic, the Content Not Found: 41095, to aid in the town’s defense.

  • Upon their return, they set up a magical shield to block the exit from the deep caves the Drow dwell in. They find Fireface Metalbeard using the residium from Ellsworth’s mine to craft magical weapons for the town’s guards. He seems stressed out, and later actually starts burning the town down. Our heroes stop him, and find out the residium is cursed and makes users of it go insane.

  • Our heroes find out the Drow are coming to attack the town in full force in one day. They also discover the true reason for the attack… to prevent the use of the residium from the mine, as it contains the essence of an ancient demon. The “helpful” Drow turn out to be a crazed cult hoping to free the demon.

  • In a glorious final battle, the town’s defenses are set up as our heroes venture into the mine to destroy the cult. Using barrels of explosives, they power their way down into the lair of the demon, where the last rituals are being performed to release it. After a hard-fought battle, they destroy the demon, causing the entire mine to explode and form a huge crater. They are saved by their new friend Azerus, who tells them they have a destiny elsewhere.


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