This kingdom runs along the western coast of the continent, and is comprised of huge forested areas. Valanon is the domain of Eladrin and Elves. Eladrin comprise the upper class, and Elves are generally middle class or lower. A powerful society of Eladrin wizards rules over the land. This kingdom is the most territorial, and outsiders are watched with a wary eye.


Valanon was formed by all of the Eladrin and Elven survivors who wished to return to the old ways. The ancient forest that spanned the western coast of the continent was perfect for their needs, and they quickly assembled treetop villages everywhere.



The citizens of Valanon don’t necessarily worship any specific deities, but have a deep respect for nature itself. They live in harmony with nature rather than bending it to their will, by cutting down trees to build homes for example.


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