Unclaimed Lands

This vastly unexplored region encompasses most of the main continent of Acheron, and is loosely defined as “all areas outside the borders of The Five Kingdoms.” After the events of The Cataclysm, the entire area was abandoned for the safety of the southwestern area of the continent, which is protected by the Ocean to the west and south, and the Death Guard Mountains to the east.

“Uncivilized” races, monsters, demons, and other strange beings are left to roam unchecked by the rule of law that comes with civilization. The ruins of ancient cities are everywhere, their treasures waiting to be discovered. Only the brave or stupid dare to travel too far from the well-protected borders of the Kingdoms.


Even with all the dangers associated with the Unclaimed Lands, the temptation of vast riches has spawned a new era of exploration, and many frontier towns have been founded outside the safety of the Kingdoms over the last 100 years or so. These usually rise and fall very quickly as local resources are depleted, the citizens give up, or in some unlucky cases the town is destroyed by one of the many threats found there.

Notable Towns, Settlements, or Ruins

Geographic Features

  • Column of Light – This strange phenomenon lies somewhere in the middle of the continent.

Unclaimed Lands

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