Tomb of Squee

The final resting place of Squee, The Goblin General. It is located in an abandoned goblin ruin, two days’ journey to the northeast of what is now Woodfall. The tomb is a monument to Squee’s three greatest attributes – his strength in combat, his keen strategic mind, and his friendship and teamwork with his fellow Goblins.


The tomb’s entrance is an open-air pavilion with a statue of Squee up on a raised platform. Upon closer examination, the platform opens to reveal a small room inside that contains a wooden wheel on an axis connected to ropes. This is an old goblin elevator system, and empties out underground in the main tomb.

The underground section is a huge dome with a beautiful mural of Squee’s exploits. In the center of the dome, a magical dome shield protects his remains, along with some treasures that were his in life.

Three hallways exit this dome in a triangle formation. Each one is designed to test an aspect of the visitor, determining if they are worthy to obtain Squee’s treasures. One tests strength, one tests the mind, and one tests teamwork.

In-Game Events

  • Our party was sent here to find the artifact that shields and protects Squee’s remains in order to use it in the defense of Woodfall.

  • Outside, they first met the mysterious and powerful Azerus. They delivered the magical scroll to him they had found by chance, and he made note of the unmistakable air of destiny and fate that surrounds them.

  • They were successful in proving themselves, and obtained the Goblin Tri-Crystal, capable of creating a powerful magical shield.

Tomb of Squee

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