The Five Kingdoms

The Five Kingdoms were formed over the long period between The Cataclysm and the present day. Essentially, the surviving members of all mortal races on the main continent banded together and made their way to the safest area left, the southwest area of the continent, protected by what came to be known as the Death Guard Mountains.

The Kingdoms

  • Argent – Arcane Kingdom favoring research in the magic arts and promoting racial tolerance.

  • Khor’a Dhun – Dwarven and Dragonborn Kingdom that runs along the Death Guard Mountains.

  • Lookshy – Nomadic Horse-Tribe Kingdom that is constantly vigilant along the northern border of The Kingdoms.

  • Menos – Religious Kingdom favoring devotion to any and all religious organizations.

  • Valanon – Eladrin and Elven Kingdom favoring social class definitions and historical heritage of races.


After the initial turbulent times of The Cataclysm, social separations surfaced again. People gravitated towards others of like mind, eventually claiming territory of their own in which to practice whatever way of life they wished. When the dust settled, Five Kingdoms remained.

Since then, they have had struggles over territory, but no major wars have ever broken out. No one wanted large-scale war, as this could lead to further reduction in the already small population. These days, the borders are well established, and attentions have turned to exploration of the Unclaimed Lands.


No one knew what to believe after The Cataclysm. By the time the survivors actually got organized enough to form The Kingdoms themselves, there were no true believers of any religion that existed beforehand.

Since that time, hundreds of religious devotions have been established, ranging from the worship of local nature spirits to over-arching monotheistic deities. In general, no one claims their religion as “the one true” religion, as there are so many of them and they all formed around the same time.

The Five Kingdoms

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