The Cataclysm

For being the defining moment in history for the world of Acheron, surprisingly little is known by The Five Kingdoms about the exact details of The Cataclysm, except the fact that it resulted in the loss of most of the world’s population.

The island nation of Arkadia, to the northwest of the main continent, wasn’t affected by this event, and so retained the knowledge of history during this time. However, they believe no survivors exist on the continent and are unaware of the existence of the Kingdoms, and the Kingdoms are also unaware of Arkadia.

3754 years have passed since this fateful event.

Reigning Theories in The Five Kingdoms

Many theories exist about The Cataclysm, most of which incorporate one of Acheron’s strangest features, a huge Column of Light near the center of the continent that is visible for many miles at night. Some of the more popular theories are listed below:

  • Mortals began many wild experiments with magic, one of which resulted in a gigantic explosion, eventually forming the Column of Light.

  • The gods became angry and disappointed with the corruption in society and decided to punish the mortal races. The Column of Light serves as a reminder to never reach that level of corruption again.

  • The Cataclysm was actually a violent natural disaster that spanned the globe.

  • The Cataclysm is just an old folk tale used to teach moral lessons, and never actually happened.

What our Characters Know

The Cataclysm was actually caused by the death of the previous God of Magic, Mahou, at the hands of Zyne.

Gods were eternal, created by mortal kind and magic itself. They were not supposed to die. When Mahou fell, his pain was echoed in magic and existence itself. On the spot where he died, a hole was ripped through all of the planes. An immense wave of elemental destruction burst forth as all planes began to coexist and mingle in a 1000 mile diameter column that extended upwards forever, beyond sight. Mountain ranges were formed as monumental earthquakes ravaged the land. Elemental storms of fire, ice, lightning, wind, rain, and pure magical energy raged. Strange beings came out of the rift from every corner of reality.

Zyne was barely able to escape before the destruction enveloped him. The gods quickly felt the death of their brother, and worked quickly to save what life they could. They retreated to Arkadia, where they were able to shield the island’s massive city from the destruction. The rest of the world was not so lucky. 95% of all mortal life on the continent was destroyed in the chaos.

The Cataclysm

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