The Five Kingdoms

After The Cataclysm, the survivors went through a sort of crisis of faith. For a long period of time, they only focused on survival, and so by the time The Five Kingdoms were finally formed, old religious beliefs were lost along with written history. After this, hundreds of religions gradually formed, ranging from the worship of local nature spirits to over-arching polytheistic or monotheistic belief systems. No religion claims to be absolutely correct, as all of them sprang up around the same time in history.


Arkadia was relatively unscathed by The Cataclysm. As such, they never lost sight of the original religious beliefs which were shared across all of Acheron in the old world. They know that gods are real beings which walk the earth, and each one of them has aspects which reflect the world and its inhabitants. Gods sprang up on The First Day, and have been serving mortals ever since. A full list of deities can be found HERE.


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