Moil is a city inside the dark realm of the Shadowfel. Thousands of years ago, it was a normal city in the material plane, but the dark practices of its citizens, including many necromancers and warlocks, caused the entire city to be dragged into the dark embrace of the Shadowfel. Now, it is a stronghold of the god Tarnus, and is filled with undead.

The city now consists of a seemingly infinite collection of huge towers protruding from the necrotic sea below. The towers are slowly decaying over time, and some have even toppled over and broken into pieces. Above, the sky is filled with black clouds that blot out all light. The only sources of illumination are the constant flashes of sickly green lightning which jumps from cloud to cloud overhead.

The city recently got corrupted by the Nightmare in much the same way the Garden of Graves did, and many of Tarnus’s undead minions in the city were corrupted and now are under the Nightmare’s control.

Tarnus sent Eliana, a high ranking vampire servant, to recruit our heroes to investigate the problem. After they fixed the corruption in the area, Eliana considered “recruiting” them into Tarnus’s undead horde, but was convinced otherwise by Darius.


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