This kingdom borders Lookshy (to the north), Khor’a Dhun (to the east), and Argent (to the west), and expands southward to the Ocean. Free from the burdens of border patrol and filled with fertile plains and mineral-rich foothills of the Death Guard Mountains, civilization has been allowed to flourish here. They enjoy fine arts, festivals, and are the religious capital of The Five Kingdoms. They have a strong distrust of Arcane magic, however. They believe mortals’ misuse of magic is what caused The Cataclysm, and any users of this type of magic are social pariahs. It’s not illegal, but is highly looked down upon.


Those wanting to live a peaceful life after the chaos they survived eventually made their way to the fertile lands that became Menos. Since most magic users congregated in Argent, the main sources of community organization in Menos came from religion.

Eventually, the kingdom developed into a sort of religious theocracy. Freedom of religion is the norm, but each city in the kingdom favors one religion or another, and local affairs are run as the church sees fit.


Most organizations within Menos are of the religious variety.


As you can imagine, religion is of the utmost importance in Menos society. Hundreds of religions exist, ranging from nature spirit worship to more complicated beliefs. Cities are governed by church law.

Magic use is frowned upon within Menos, as some religious teachings place the blame for The Cataclysm upon mankind’s abuse of magical energy.


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