This kingdom spans the northern border between the known world and the Unclaimed Lands. The inhabitants of this kingdom are nomadic horse tribes. They are the self-appointed guardians of civilization. Very few permanent cities exist, but the ones that exist are very heavily defensible. Mainly, there are border patrol posts scattered all over the kingdom, which are always manned by a few warriors. The rest of the population constantly travels in all areas within the kingdom, keeping a wary eye out for destructive creatures trying to encroach on the kingdoms from the Unclaimed Lands.


Lookshy was formed when the bravest survivors volunteered to remain along the northern border to allow the rest to venture south to lead more peaceful lives. They take great pride in their responsibility for the safety of The Five Kingdoms.

Over time, it became the trend to rely heavily on horses, as it became necessary to quickly mass forces in one area or another to defend against various incoming creatures. Today, horses are the lifeblood of the kingdom, and are almost valued as highly as warriors themselves.

In modern times, exploration into the Unclaimed Lands has become a major undertaking for all of the Kingdoms. As such, Lookshy has become the gathering place for caravans before they venture towards their final destinations. In some of the major border patrol posts, the Kingdom of Argent has funded the installation of portal stones, which can be used to transport paying customers to other portal stones within the Kingdoms (usually found in major cities).


  • Lookshy Dragoons – Highly trained cavalry units responsible for patrolling the northern border.


Religion plays a moderate part in Lookshy society. Most deities worshiped here are seen as protectors of travelers, or gods of luck. Shrines are found at all border patrol posts.


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