Khor'a Dhun

Running along the Death Guard Mountains that form the eastern border of the Kingdoms, this is the domain of Dwarves. Due to the threat of demons, elementals, and various other creatures traveling over the mountains into the kingdoms, they have a strong military. Many grand cities are located under the surface of the mountains, but some also exist overland. There is also a large Dragonborn population here.

All along the highest reaches of the mountains, the Dwarves have built a massive network of watchtowers to keep an eye on approaching threats.


Khor’a Dhun was formed by all of the Dwarves and Dragonborn left after the survivors settled in the southern end of the continent. Upon seeing the large mountain range, they knew exactly where they wanted to be. Soon after they moved in, they began a massive mining and construction project, tunneling what became the many underground cities that now exist.



Religion is of moderate importance in Khor’a Dhun. Most deities worshiped here are elemental in nature, and usually are thought to control earth, lightning, or fire. The Dragonborn mainly worship ancient Dragon aspects, which also are elemental. In most cases, the deities are sought for protection or strength in battle as they defend the Kingdoms.

Khor'a Dhun

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