Goblin Surprise

Goblin Surprise is a… game? Sure, a game… made famous by such goblin chefs as Tsaz Madgut. It is very similar to the real-world game “Russian Roulette”, although it is not nearly as lethal.

Game Basics

  • Goblin Surprise is played by any number of players, but is ideally suited for small groups of 2 to 6 players.
  • Bowls filled with stew of mysterious origin and makeup are placed in the center of the table – one for each player in the game.
  • Each player chooses one of the bowls.

Game Play

  • Each player simultaneously drinks their chosen bowl.
  • Of immediate concern are such symptoms as nausea and cold sweat.

Wining the Game

  • Nobody “wins” Goblin Surprise.
  • There is definitely one loser… one of the bowls is particularly potent, and this unlucky player will be… occupied for the rest of the evening.

Goblin Surprise

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