Garden of Graves

The Garden of Graves is located in the Feywild, and was once a sacred place. It was the burial site for only the most respected fey creatures, and was a serene and peaceful place filled with plant life.

The Garden is nestled in a vaguely circular valley in the middle of a mountain range. The only way into the area is through a mountain pass, and then through a cave which tunnels through one of the mountains.

The majority of the valley is taken up by a large plateau where all of the graves are located. The lower level is where the cave entrance puts you out, and is mostly a serene plant-filled area where visitors arrive and get prepared to visit the main grave site.

Recently someone defiled the area – digging up burial cairns, constructing wicked buildings covered in inscrutable runes, and flooding the area with a foul shadow energy. As a result, the land around the Garden has become corrupt. Even some residents of the Feywild have fallen under the magic’s influence, and have been driven to attack anyone in sight.

The heroes of our tale showed up and righted all the wrongs here, shutting down and destroying an Arcane Engine designed to siphon away the Fey magic in the area and corrupt the inhabitants of the region.

Garden of Graves

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