Column of Light

In the direction of the center of the main continent, a huge column of light can be seen at night. It’s always there, even during the daytime, but is only visible from great distances at night. No one is sure what it is, but many theories exist, most of which involve The Cataclysm. It is used as a point of reference for navigation, much like the North Star and other constellations are used in the real world.

Reigning Theories in The Five Kingdoms

  • Mortals began many wild experiments with magic, one of which resulted in a gigantic explosion, causing the Cataclysm and forming the Column of Light.

  • The gods became angry and disappointed with the corruption in society and decided to punish the mortal races. The Column of Light serves as a reminder to never reach that level of corruption again.

  • The Column of Light is a naturally occurring phenomenon and warrants further investigation before its cause will be fully understood.

  • The Column of Light is some sort of entry point into our world from another realm, perhaps an elemental plane.

What the Main Characters Know

The Column of Light was actually formed as a consequence of the death of Mahou, the God of Magic.

On the spot where he died, a hole was ripped through all of the planes. An immense wave of elemental destruction burst forth as all planes began to coexist and mingle in a 1000 mile diameter column that extended upwards forever, beyond sight. Mountain ranges were formed as monumental earthquakes ravaged the land. Elemental storms of fire, ice, lightning, wind, rain, and pure magical energy raged. Strange beings came out of the rift from every corner of reality.

The gods met and agreed to bestow a shard of their power into Mahou’s most powerful mortal apprentice, Azerus. He became the new god of magic – Azerus, Lord of Spells. His first order of business was to stabilize the planar rift formed during the death of his former mentor. After several hundred years, he succeeded. No longer did chaotic storms rage, creatures come through, or waves of magical destruction pulse from the area. What remained was the column of swirling magical energy 10 miles wide. Azerus built a huge tower on the continent to keep an eye on the maelstrom.

Column of Light

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