Arkadia is an island nation off the northwest coast of the main continent of Acheron. The island itself is roughly the size of Puerto Rico, and is covered in its entirety by a large sprawling city. Arkadia was spared any of the destruction caused by The Cataclysm, and so has retained its history and culture throughout its existence.

The City of Arkadia

This city, spanning the entire island of Arkadia, is the most advanced civilization in all of Acheron. Buildings rise to great heights comparable to the height of any modern day cities. Magically powered light sources line all the streets. Flying carpets and other magic oddities are commonplace here, and a public transportation system exists in the form of a complex network of teleportation circles. The city is governed by a high council of mages who are elected representatives of all the districts in the city.


Arkadia is believed to be the point of origin of mortal life, so there have always been people living there. Following the events of The Cataclysm, the citizens of Arkadia believed no survivors existed on the main continent, so they became a closed society. As a result, they were unaware of the existence of The Five Kingdoms.

The arrival of our cast of heroes challenged this notion, however. Through their actions, an alliance of peace was formed between Arkadia and The Five Kingdoms. A teleportation circle was crafted between Portland, a suburb on the edge of the main continent near Arkadia, and Woodfall, the border town where the party came from.


Arkadia never went through a crisis of faith like The Five Kingdoms did, and so they still hold to the religious beliefs of the old days. The gods themselves live in Arcadia, and walk the streets among mortals there. The only god who lives elsewhere is Azerus, who took up residency in a huge tower on the main continent to keep watch over the Column of Light.


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