Argent League of Explorers

The Argent League of Explorers, or A.L.E., is based in Argent. Their goal is to discover and preserve the true history of Acheron, and to explore and map the entire surface thereof. The A.L.E.’s membership consists of all classes and races. They need scholars, historians, and religious experts as well as explorers, bodyguards, and infiltrators.

So far, their maps cover all of The Five Kingdoms in great detail, along with nearby stretches of the Unclaimed Lands out to varying distances. An accurate account of history has been kept as far back as the formation of the Kingdoms, but anything further back than that has only been discovered by exploring ruins, and is sometimes unreliable.

Involvement in Our Game

Darius, one of the Player Characters, was a member of the A.L.E., and was tasked with traveling beyond the known edge of maps to gather information about the world. Having traveled far with the party (even discovering the long-lost city of Arkadia), the members of the party were given the honorary title “Grandmaster Cartographer”.

Argent League of Explorers

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