Bordering Lookshy (to the north), Valanon (to the west), and Menos (to the east), it stretches down to the Ocean. This is the Arcane capital of The Five Kingdoms, and is the most culturally diverse of all the kingdoms. It is the only one with a democratic government, composed of 9 Judges who are re-elected every 5 years. Argent even has full citizens of “monstrous” races, such as Goblins, Orcs, and even some demons. Individuals are judged on their personal merits, not upon racial stereotypes and prejudice.


Argent was formed in the early days by groups of magic users who sought a safe haven in which to perform experiments and research new magical techniques. They had no qualms about taking in members of “less civilized” races such as Gnolls, Orcs, and Kobolds, as they were only concerned with their research.

With no borders on the edge of the Kingdoms, Argent has been peaceful throughout its history. Tensions sometimes run high between citizens of Argent and Menos, but nothing too serious. Relations are very good with the Elves and Eladrin of Valanon.


  • Argent League of Explorers – Comprised of members of every race and profession, the A.L.E. is tasked with the exploration and mapping of Acheron and the discovery and preservation of its history.


Religion doesn’t play a very big part in everyday life in Argent. Sure, some citizens follow one religion or another, but more emphasis is placed upon philosophy and reason in Argent.


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