Acheron is the name of the world in which the campaign takes place. It is comprised of one gigantic main continent, along with one huge island in the northwest named Arkadia.


Civilization used to spread over the continent as well as Arkadia, but a world-ending event (The Cataclysm) occurred that wiped out most of the world’s population. It has been 3754 years since then.

Now there are Five Kingdoms located in the southwestern part of the continent. There is still a huge population on the island of Arkadia as well, as the remote island was spared much of the destruction. However, since the Kingdoms have lost track of history before the world’s end and Arkadia assumed there were no survivors, each of the two pockets of civilization are unaware of the other.

Geographic Features

  • The Island of Arkadia – Located off the northwest coast of the main continent, this island is very large indeed, roughly the size of Puerto Rico. The entire island is covered by the City-State of Arkadia.

  • Column of Light – Near the center of the continent, a huge column of light stretches up into the sky, and can be seen at night from anywhere on the mainland. As you get closer to it, it may even be seen during the day.

  • Death Guard Mountains – This mountain range composes the eastern border of The Five Kingdoms, and was a major factor in the original survivors’ choice of location to settle down in. They provide protection from the unknown evils in the Unclaimed Lands.

  • Ocean – The ocean is extremely dangerous. Once you get out around 20 miles off shore, violent storms and huge sea-dwelling creatures prevent all travel.

  • Unclaimed Lands – Vast unexplored territory that spans most of the main continent. Essentially, any areas outside the borders of The Five Kingdoms is considered part of the Unclaimed Lands.


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