Tag: evil


  • Zyne

    God of Trickery and Fear

    Zyne, or "The Fear in the Hearts of Men", was created during [[The First Day]]. As such, he is one of the 3 oldest and most powerful gods of [[Acheron]], along with [[:vahn|Vahn]] and [[:mahou|Mahou]] (now deceased). He …

  • Nightmare

    Purely Malevolent God

    The Nightmare is very different from his other god brothers and sisters. While they all seek to serve mortals and keep things running smoothly (since their power comes from mortals), the Nightmare believes it was a mistake …

  • Tarnus

    God of Death and Undeath

    Tarnus, or "The Life Unlasting", is in charge of the domains of Death and Undeath. As death is a natural part of life, he performs a vital role in keeping things in motion. As such, he is sort of a necessary evil. …

  • Arn

    God of War (Evil)

    Arn, "The Sword Hand of War," believes strength should be used to overcome the weak, and the strong deserve what they are able to take. His clerics and paladins are among the most vicious and troublesome mortals in the world. …