The Wyvern



Roughly the size of a standard warship, this splendid vehicle has been fitted with huge dragon-like wings. It can function as a normal seafaring vessel, a fast airship, and can even be converted to a “hover” mode to stay still over a patch of land.


The ship has 3 levels:

  • LVL 1 – Top Deck – Has control wheel, crows nest above it, and an enclosed “War room” with a giant table. The table is equipped with a map enchantment for navigation, as well as a magic image and sound device for long-range communication. Adjacent to the war room are two Guest Bedrooms.
  • LVL 2 – Living Quarters – Has a common room for meals and entertainment, crew bunk beds, and bigger bedrooms for the members of the party. Has one GIANT bedroom reserved for the captain. Also, the middle of the ship houses the machinery and enclosures which house the Air Elemental and Fire Elemental, powering the ship.
  • LVL 3 – Steerage – Has large cargo area, additional bedrooms for the party, additional crew bunk beds, and a pantry and library area. The Air / Fire elemental cages and machinery extend down into this floor as well. The cannon maintenance is done from this level as well.

Current Crew


After the party members were named the leaders of a coalition-sponsored expedition force, Murza gifted them with the Wyvern, an airship from his personal fleet. Bane Brisbee has had his corporation Synergistics (and the new subsidiary Paradigm, in which the party holds some ownership) equip the Wyvern with Arkadian-level magic items (internal ambient lighting, working bathrooms, kitchen, and of course… magical cannons). A crew was assembled which is comprised of several capable people from both Arkadia and The Five Kingdoms, a symbol of the unity between the two.

The Wyvern

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