Sword of Yusha

Legendary Artifact Weapon

weapon (melee)

Ornate and extremely well-crafted, this longsword is beautiful to behold.

Game Mechanics

Functions as a Magic Weapon (Longsword) as follows:

  • Enhancement bonus to attack and damage rolls.
  • Bonus damage on critical hit – + 1d6 per Enhancement bonus

Artifact Behavior

The enhancement bonus of the item depends on story factors. It starts off at a + 3 enhancement bonus. The blood of the 3 gods who created the sword must be applied to the blade to re-awaken the sword’s true potential (Vahn, Zyne, and Mahou). The enhancement bonus increases each time this occurs.

Enhancement Bonus

Starting Enhancement Bonus – + 3
After first gods blood – + 4
After second gods blood – + 5
After third gods blood – + 7 (complete power up gives extra + 1)

Other Benefits

  • Ignore DR – Attacks with the Sword of Yusha ignores all Damage Reduction, regardless of the descriptor or value.
  • Rituals – The wielder of the Sword of Yusha can channel healing surges into it in order to cast rituals. The rituals cast must be equal to or lower than the level of the wielder. Rituals cast in this way do not require material components, and only require a Standard Action to cast. As the sword is powered up, rituals of increasing tiers become available. The healing surge cost of rituals depend on the tier of the ritual according to the chart below.

    Enhancement BonusRituals AvailableHealing Surge Cost to Cast
    + 3Heroic TierHeroic Rituals Cost 1
    + 4Paragon TierParagon Rituals Cost 2
    + 5Epic TierEpic Rituals Cost 3
    + 7Reduce the cost of all rituals by 1 Healing Surge
  • Special Power – The wielder of the Sword of Yusha gains access to an additional Special Power – Cosmic Strike (detailed below).

Cosmic Strike – Daily (Special) – Keywords (Weapon)
Standard Action – Melee Weapon
Requirement: You must have at least one unused daily power.
Target: One creature
Attack: Your highest ability score vs. AC.
Special: To make this attack, you must expend an unused daily power.
Hit: You deal damage based on the level of the Daily Power you expended to make the attack.
1st – 4[W] + Your highest ability modifier
5th – 5[W] + Your highest ability modifier
9th – 6[W] + Your highest ability modifier
15th – 7[W] + Your highest ability modifier
19th – 8[W] + Your highest ability modifier
25th – 9[W] + Your highest ability modifier
29th – 10[W] + Your highest ability modifier
Miss: Half damage.
Special: You can use this power twice per day.
Special: After sword is fully powered up, increase damage by 1[W].


Forged by the three most powerful gods – Vahn, Zyne, and Mahou – this sword is the most powerful artifact that exists in the world. It was literally crafted to be able to kill even gods, since the Nightmare was at least as powerful as any of the gods, if not more powerful.

It was originally crafted for a young human general named Yusha. Zyne wanted the Sword from himself, however, since he felt he was most qualified to save the world from any threats. Grudgingly, he yielded and Yusha used the Sword to great effect in the war against the Nightmare.

After the war, Yusha and the Nightmare were both dead. Mahou wanted to hide the Sword away from everyone, believing it to be too powerful for anyone to use now that the war was over. Zyne disagreed, and attacked Mahou. He was briefly able to steal the Sword, and with a single thrust he killed Mahou. The death of Mahou resulted in The Cataclysm.

The Sword was lost for some years, as it was hidden away by Mahou’s replacement Azerus.

Involvement in Our Game

In recent times, foul energies reminiscent of the Nightmare have been detected returning to the world. Azerus was pondering over what to do, when he came across our main party members. He determined that they were touched by fate, and should be entrusted with the Sword after all these years.

Unfortunately, the Sword lost much of its power after it was used to kill Mahou. In its de-powered state, it has no hope of defeating something as powerful as the Nightmare again. The party members must travel the world in order to restore the Sword to its former glory.

Sword of Yusha

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