Goblin Tri-Crystal

Shielding Artifact


This tri-crystal actually consists of three separate parts, each one a crystal of a different color (one red, one blue, one green) contained in simple silver trim. This trim allows the three pieces to be locked together in order to form a single item.

When all three pieces are together, they each glow their respective colors, and the magical properties of the item are unlocked.


  • Summon a shield made of pure force, which glows with a faint pink hue. You may either shape this shield as a flat wall up to length and height of 5 squares each, or as a dome of a size up to an area of Burst 2 squares. Only one shield may exist at a time. This shield lasts indefinitely, even if the pieces of the crystal are taken apart. Summoning the shield is a Standard Action.

  • Dismiss a shield created by this item. Dismissing the shield is a Minor Action.

  • Given its origin and purpose, it also has special significance to the Goblin race, and may hold additional abilities they can unlock.


The Goblin Tri-Crystal was originally created by powerful Goblin shaman to protect the Tomb of Squee, the final resting place of a great Goblin general and his treasures.

Each color represented one of the three most valued aspects of Squee – strength in battle (red), a keen tactical mind (blue), and friendship and leadership of his fellow Goblins (green).

Goblin Tri-Crystal

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