Cloak of the Wind

Artifact Cloak imbued with the power of the wind.


This cloak is dark green with ornate stitched patterns of deep gold. Even when there is no wind present, the cloak ruffles as if it were being blown by a breeze.

Game Mechanics

Neck slot magic item. Functions as a Cloak of Distortion (Adventurer’s Vault) as follows:

  • Enhancement bonus to Fortitude, Reflex, and Will.
  • Property – You gain an item bonus to all defenses against ranged attacks from more than 5 squares away equal to this item’s Enhancement Bonus.

Artifact Behavior

The Enhancement Bonus of the item depends on a few factors. First off, the level of the user. Second, the user’s Concordance Score with the item. And last, if the user is of the family bloodline of the item, he receives a bonus. Consult the following tables for your result.

Concordance Score (Begins at 5)

ScoreConcordance StatusStatus Effect
16 – 20Pleased+2 to Enhancement Check
12 – 15Satisfied+1 to Enhancement Check
5 – 11Normal+0 to Enhancement Check
1 – 4Unsatisfied-1 to Enhancement Check
0 or LowerAngered-2 to Enhancement Check

Concordance Score Alterations
  • Owner gains a level: +1d10
  • Owner is missed by a ranged attack: +1 (Maximum +1 per day)
  • Owner takes falling damage: -1 (Maximum -1 per day)
  • Perform action that helps the item’s secret agenda: +1
  • Perform action that hinders the item’s secret agenda: -2
Family Bloodline

+3 to Enhancement Check

Enhancement Check

The Enhancement Check consists of the Level of the Owner + Any Bonuses from Concordance Score and Family Bloodline.

Check ResultItem’s Enhancement Bonus

Other Benefits

According to the Owner’s Concordance Score, they will receive the following additional benefits or penalties.


If the item is Angered, it loses the Cloak of Distortion ranged defensive property and the owner takes a -2 item penalty to Fortitude, Reflex, and Will.


If the item is Unsatisfied, it loses the Cloak of Distortion ranged defensive property.


If the item is Normal, it grants the owner the use of an additional item property, that of a Safewing Amulet.

  • Property – When falling, you reduce the distance fallen (for the purpose of calculating falling damage) by a number of feet equal to 10 x the item’s Enhancement Bonus. You always land on your feet after a fall.

If the item is Satisfied, the Cloak of Distortion defensive property is empowered. The ranged defensive property’s defense bonus now applies to ALL ranged attacks, not just ranged attacks from 5 squares or more away.


If the item is Pleased, it also grants the Owner the use of the Sorcerer class’s “Sorcerous Sirocco” power as an Encounter Power.

  • Sorcerous Sirocco – Encounter – Arcane – Standard Action – Close Burst 10 – Target: You and one Ally in the burst – Effect: Each target moves a number of squares equal to his or her speed + 2. Each target can fly during this movement, but falls if he or she does not land by the end of the movement.

The Cloak of the Wind was gifted to Izzegio “Izzy” Harloen by none other than the god of luck Murza as a reward for his integral role in preventing a major heist of his floating airship casino. During a celebrity gambling exhibition, Izzy noticed a few suspicious characters headed into restricted areas of the ship. Following them alone, Izzy was able to trigger the alarms and notify the guards before the intruders were able to steal anything of value.

Izzy now considers Murza his “BFF”, and has the letter of thanks he received from Murza along with the cloak framed above his bed.

The item has a storied and secret history, and seems to benefit from Izzy’s family lineage (Izzy is considered to be in the “Family Bloodline” as per this item’s rules above).

Cloak of the Wind

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