Sorcerer General of Legend


Young but confident, Yusha inspires hope in all those around him. He has an aura which hints at his immense wells of magical strength, and never loses faith even under the most dire of circumstances.


No one knows the early life of Yusha. Earliest knowledge indicates he was a soldier for a local lord fighting the Nightmare‘s Dark Army in his land. By the age of 13, he was an accomplished swordsman. By 15, he was also an accomplished mage, and was the captain of the lord’s army. He was the pinnacle of what a mortal could hope to be. As he grew into manhood, his skills, courage, and leadership eclipsed the gods themselves. By the time he was 20, he was the undisputed war leader of mortal kind. For the first time, the Nightmare’s forces felt fear of their own.

Mahou enlisted the aid of Vahn and Zyne in an effort to forge a weapon for Yusha to wield. The three gods sacrificed a fraction of their divine essence to weave the flow of magic itself into the blade. The project was more successful than Mahou had hoped it would be. The weapon was indestructible. It was the single greatest artifact ever created, and it was placed in the hands of the greatest hero the world had ever known… it came to be known as the Sword of Yusha.

Yusha used the new weapon to great effect, leading the forces of mortals and gods to a climactic final battle. It turned out the Nightmare was inhabiting the body of mortals and monsters in order to manifest itself in the physical world. After Yusha killed its host, the Nightmare retaliated by attempting to possess Yusha himself. Calling out to a trusted Lieutenant, Yusha urged him to take the sword and plunge it into his chest. The Lieutenant did as commanded, and the magical sword killed Yusha and the Nightmare at the same time.

The world was safe… for now…


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