Wilhelm Maelstrom

Human Undead Warlord


Broad-shouldered man with heavy armor and a large spear. He would be the picture of heroism if he weren’t an undead general in command of a large army.


Wilhelm was once the captain of the guard of Rhyxis, a town far beyond the borders of Khor’a Dhun, deep in the Unclaimed Lands. He fathered two children, Warren and Anna.

One day, the town came under siege by a host of undead warriors. Fearing the worst, Wilhelm ordered all civilians, including his family, to escape to the safety of a cavern in the mountains nearby. Along the way, Wilhelm’s wife died, leaving the two children in the care of the other townspeople.

Back in the city, Wilhelm and his guardsmen held their ground valiantly, but they were far outnumbered. It looked like all would be lost and the horde would push past the men to kill the hiding townspeople as well.

It was at this moment when Tarnus, the god of death and undeath, offered a deal to Wilhelm… the town would be safe for a number of years equal to the amount of years left in Wilhelm’s natural life, and in return Wilhelm would serve Tarnus. Wilhelm agreed in order to spare his children, and the undead army (along with Wilhelm and the guardsmen) disappeared.

The remaining townspeople, along with Wilhelm’s two children, made their way south to Khor’a Dhun for safety.

21 Years Later

Goblins found the ruins of Rhyxis, and made the town their home. However, the deal with Tarnus was still in effect. When the time ran out on the bargain that was struck, the undead horde reappeared. Wilhelm was placed in charge of the army.

Our heroes discovered the situation and took the fight to Wilhelm, eventually killing him and freeing Rhyxis from the undead scourge. Warren and Anna were there during the fight, and put their father to rest for good. Warren picked up Wilhelm’s spear, and still fights with it to this day.

Wilhelm Maelstrom

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