Warren Maelstrom

Human Warlord


Warren is a born leader. He is heavily armored, carries a spear, and has a commanding presence. In a fight he plays a supporting role, ensuring everyone remains in tactical formations and remains on their feet.


As a child, he lived with his mother, father (Wilhelm), and sister (Anna) in a small frontier town named Rhyxis until it was attacked and destroyed by an invading force of undead. His father and mother were killed in the attack, and he escaped with his sister to the Dwarven Kingdom, where he learned to protect others in battle.

Years later, he returned to the town he came from and battled the undead horde who still held sway in the area. In horror, he learned that his father was the Undead General in charge of the area. His father gave his life to allow survivors to escape the town. Warren was forced to kill him when they met, and he obtained his family heirloom spear after the fight. He uses it today in honor of his father’s sacrifice.

Following the death and resurrection of Tamar Reeve, Warren decided to aid Tamar in the defense of the Coalition Expedition Force against spies and saboteurs. He stays with the airship.

Warren Maelstrom

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