God of Goodness and Healing


Appearing as an older human, Vahn prefers simple attire. Being around him, you can tell he has great power, but he wields it with no arrogance. He gives his full attention to whomever he is currently speaking to, and listens intently before responding himself.


God of Goodness and Healing

Vahn, or “The Triumphant Golden Dawn”, represents the goodness that is in the hearts of mortals. He is one of the three oldest and most powerful gods, along with Zyne and Mahou (now deceased).

Vahn simply desires to serve mortals in any way he can. He spends most of his time in his temple in Arkadia. There is a constant crowd of the poor, sick, and simple downtrodden mortals in the temple, seeking aid from Vahn. He weighs each request on its own merits, but does not simply help everyone. He is more interested in uplifting mortals, preferring to aid people who in turn would use this help to better themselves and others. Anyone who is asking for aid out of greed or laziness are less likely to be granted their desires.

Ancient History

Vahn was one of the deities who helped to forge the Sword of Yusha. He believed in Yusha, as he represented the pinnacle of mortal achievements. Vahn firmly denounced the actions of Zyne when he tried to steal the sword, and subsequently killed Mahou.

Since the actions of gods caused The Cataclysm, Vahn and other gods are deeply ashamed at how they failed to save the mortal race. He felt that the meddling of gods in mortal affairs caused the destruction in the first place, so he and the other gods have largely left The Five Kingdoms alone out of guilt.

Involvement in Our Game

The party sought Vahn’s help in powering up the Sword of Yusha to its former glory. After showing the group a vision of Yusha’s heroism and sacrifice, he asked if they were indeed ready to bear the burden of wielding the Sword. They agreed, so Vahn gave them the drop of blood they needed, and imparted special fated paths to the characters (their Paragon Paths).


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