God of Death and Undeath


Appears as a dark-skinned tiefling male in his 20’s. He sometimes has a skull mask over his face, and wears black clothing.


God of Death and Undeath

Tarnus, or “The Life Unlasting”, is in charge of the domains of Death and Undeath. As death is a natural part of life, he performs a vital role in keeping things in motion. As such, he is sort of a necessary evil.

However, Tarnus’s reach extends beyond simple death. He sees “undeath” as a more perfect form of death. In fact, he sees “undeath” as a more perfect form of life itself. Undead are less chaotic and can be controlled. Living creatures are far too unpredictable and even fight amongst themselves. Tarnus’s long-term desire is to convert all living creatures into various flavors of undead and rule over the earth… which would then be free of war and the chaos of the living.

The other gods keep him in check, however, and the mortal races usually kill the undead on sight. Tarnus is the master of death, however, and so he plays much to valuable of a role for anyone to get rid of him completely.

Ancient History

When the Nightmare first attacked, Tarnus saw it as a huge opportunity. Many mortals died in a very short amount of time, keeping him very busy as the god of Death. Tarnus briefly considered joining the Nightmare and striking a bargain, hoping to kill the mortals and turn them into undead under his control. However, after he realized the Nightmare could not be bargained with (and in fact it even wished to kill Tarnus and all of his god brethren), Tarnus joined the rest of the deities in the great war. Mortals fought alongside the undead, and when they fell during the fight, they were raised again as undead themselves.

Involvement in Our Game

Tarnus offered a deal to Warren’s father, Wilhelm Maelstrom. He would spare the town of Rhyxis from undead invasion for as many years as Wilhelm had left in his natural life. In return, Wilhelm and his guards would become powerful undead and serve in Tarnus’s army. Wilhelm was later put to rest by Warren and his companions.

Later Eliana, a servent of Tarnus, approached the party with a request for help. A dark corruption had appeared in the city of Moil, inside the Shadowfel. This corruption was similar to the one in the Garden of Graves in the Feywild, which the party defeated. The offer was made – Tarnus’s undead would leave them alone if they went in to investigate. After the party sorted the problem out, Tarnus attempted to “recruit” them to his undead flock, but they talked their way out of it.


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