Tamar Reeve

Human Paladin


Heavily armored and carrying an ornate magical sword, Tamar is an imposing figure. He can be found in the middle of the fray, drawing the attentions of all enemies foolish enough to challenge the group.


He has spent a large portion of his adult life lending his services to various frontier towns by trying to save them from destruction, and most of the time failing. His luck turned around after saving Woodfall. He became the wielder of the Sword of Yusha, a legendary sword crafted by gods in order to kill anything. His task was to restore the sword to its former glory in order to battle the darkness that is spreading over the land.

However, after a strike by a saboteur sent by Zyne, Tamar was killed and the sword was lost. Tamar was resurrected, but he passed the sword into the safe-keeping of Diego Armando, vowing that he would stay with the airship of the Coalition Expedition Force to protect it from any further infiltrations by spies and saboteurs.

Tamar Reeve

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