Fox Spirit


Normally appears as a fox. Appears as a normal fox in most respects, except that she has seven tails. Seven can also appear as a human girl with red hair and smiling eyes.


Seven hails from the Feywild. She got her name from the fact that she has only seven tails, while most fox spirits have a full set of nine tails. As a fox spirit, she can transform into human form – appearing as a slender female with red hair (with a white streak in it). In fox form, she can telepathically communicate with creatures within normal speaking distance as long as they speak a language in common with her. She can also speak with animals in this way.

She is generally good, but she is also playful and tricky. She doesn’t like stern authority figures.

Involvement in Our Game

Seven met the party after they crossed over into the Feywild while investigating Nightmare corruption. Their airship got attacked by crazed owlbears, elves, and plant-drakes. They followed two drakes which escaped back to the Feywild.

They met some eladrin hunters who warned them to go back to the natural world, and to leave Feywild matters to residents of the Feywild. They did not listen, however, and Seven offered her assistance. She took them to the now-corrupted Garden of Graves.

Seven helped the party, giving them information and insight into the purpose of the Garden, and what has been occurring since the site was corrupted. After the mystery was unraveled, Seven offered to become the traveling companion of Dreod in order to help prevent similar things from happening again.


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