Naive Servant of Azerus


Rory is a slightly strange half-elf sorceror, and is a high-ranking member of the church of Azerus.


Rory is a very strange and naive girl who marvels and wonders at even the slightest hint of magic, even when it is in fact simply a slight-of-hand “separating my thumb from my hand” trick meant to fool a child. This naivety and child-like wonder is what endeared Azerus to her. He rescued her from an orphanage at a very early age after she was dropped on her head.

Over the years, she showed a strong natural aptitude for casting spells, although her simple nature caused her to be almost completely unable to grasp even the simplest understanding of the more scholarly aspects of the craft.

This simple-mindedness particularly annoyed Bendix, whom Rory had been assigned to escort safely to his destination to join our party of heroes.

Her travelling partner is Steve, and he has an almost limitless reserve of patience for the sorcerer.


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