Ozymandias Menethil

Human Wizard


A young wizard who is more at home on the road than in a sage’s tower. He has an insatiable desire for knowledge, and insists on exploring the entire world and learning everything he can.


Ozymandias is a member of the Argent League of Explorers, and joined up with the party for awhile after they met in Khor’a Dhun. He accompanied them as far as Azerus’s Tower, but was then sent by Azerus on a solo mission. He was supposed to find a way across the rift in the center of the continent in hopes of locating Terminus, the god of travel. Terminus has not been seen since The Cataclysm, and Azerus believes it is because he was trapped on the eastern side of the rift.

Ozymandias briefly appeared on the bow of the Coalition Expedition Force airship much later. He looked confused, and when Diego Armando called out to him, he got startled and disappeared into thin air. A scan of the area showed footprints and traces of powerful teleportation magic.

Ozymandias Menethil

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