Purely Malevolent God


Formless, angry, dark. The Nightmare is the enemy of “Existence”. For every force, there is an equal and opposite force. The Nightmare is the opposing force which rose in response to the creation of the universe.


Purely Malevolent God

The Nightmare is very different from his other god brothers and sisters. While they all seek to serve mortals and keep things running smoothly (since their power comes from mortals), the Nightmare believes it was a mistake for anything to ever exist at all. He seeks to set things straight, destroying all things and returning the world to the void.

Ancient History

Though none knew, another god was formed during the birth of all that is. After Vahn, Zyne, and Mahou were created, the mortals looked up at the starry night and felt exhausted from The First Day’s events. They fell into a deep sleep, and dreamed of the things they had witnessed. Some mortals were reminded in dreams of the terror they felt when the light was taken from them, but in dreams this fear was magnified a hundred fold. From these
alien and disturbing dreams, another god was born.

He was beyond evil, beyond the concerns of mortals and their god spawn. Filled with rage and pain, he hated existing, hated existence. He wanted to destroy everything, bring everything back to darkness, end his anguish with the sweet blackness of nothing.

Although he was stronger than his brothers, he knew that if he acted without planning, they would unite against him. The best course of action, he thought, was to hide his very existence from them until he was ready to strike. He cloaked himself in the darkness of a plane of existence he created, and waited…

While the world grew, he seethed in anger. While the world slept, he fed off their dreams to create an army of horrible servants. Finally he was ready. Soon the world would share his pain.

The Nightmare War

The attack was sudden and swift. Half of the world’s population was wiped out within a day. Taken completely by surprise, the gods soon mounted a counterattack. They fought alongside mortals and pushed back the Dark Army, forming a line. For 12 years, the struggle was constant. The Dark Army was slowly gaining ground. It seemed all was lost, and the Nightmare would succeed with his plans of destruction.

Everything would soon be changed by one young man… Yusha. In the end, Yusha sacrificed himself, allowing the Nightmare to temporarily possess his body before ordering his second in command to kill him with the Sword. Both Yusha and the Nightmare died at that moment… or so everyone believed.

Involvement in Our Game

Recently, shadowy signatures of magical energy have been detected all over the continent. Strange corruption is turning some animals and monsters into mindless killers. Could the Nightmare be returning to the land?


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