Human Wizard


A kindhearted but secretive wizard, Mariz was the mentor of Diego Armando and Disilphinx.


Mariz was a hopeful for the position of one of the 9 Judges of Argent. He was a kind and generous man, but was also very secretive.

He adopted and trained both Diego and Disilphinx, who became the highest-ranking members of his security team. Diego eclipsed Disilphinx in every way, but Mariz swore that he loved the two equally.

One day, Mariz was murdered by a gang of orcs. Diego attempted to defend his master, but ended up in the hospital himself.

When Diego awoke from his injuries, Mariz’s chief political rival, the shrewd Eladrin wizard Altruis Whisperwind had won the Judge seat in a landslide. He poured his heart out with admiration for Mariz, and as his first act as Judge, put the orcs to death.

Diego suspected that Altruis was behind the murder, but was never able to prove it.

Mariz’s prized possession was his Book of Secrets, a magically-encrypted journal in which he wrote all of his knowledge. He wanted to pass it on one day to Diego, but the book went missing when Mariz was murdered.

Years later, Diego discovered that Altruis was in possession of the book. After uncovering the fact that Altruis was responsible for his master’s death, Diego reclaimed the book and is now trying to decipher its meaning.


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