Lucius the Black

Cleric of Zyne


A man in his late 30’s with a mysterious air about him, it is hard to discern where his true intentions lie.


Lucius was sent into the wilderness surrounding Arkadia in order to keep an eye out for any agents sent by Azerus. Zyne is all too aware of the impending troubles, and believes the Nightmare may be returning. Lucius, of course, was only told to keep an eye out for suspicious activity, and to keep an eye out for a special Sword, and acquire it by any means necessary.

Lucius spotted and befriended the party in the wild and sat about gathering any information he could glean from conversation. After a few days, Lucius betrayed the group, and ordered his men to ambush them from hiding spots in the forest. After a tough battle, the party escaped the grasp of Zyne’s men with Lucius as their prisoner. However, in Portland, they were forced to release him by the town’s guards.

In Portland, Lucius sent an assassin to slay Tamar and steal the sword. She failed, however, and was killed.

As a last ditch effort, Lucius mounted a mid-air attack against the transport airship the party was on. Darius set fire to Lucius’s airship, forcing him to parachute off toward the ocean below. However, Diego selflessly dove off the side of the ship and caught up with Lucius. He sliced the parachute’s ropes and they both tumbled dangerously towards the sea. Diego was able to escape certain death by using his natural Gensai abilities, momentarily dissolving himself into a water form while he hit the ocean’s surface.

Lucius did not survive.

Lucius the Black

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