God of War (Good)


Iiora appears as an attractive and strong human woman in her mid 20’s. She is heavily armored and has a soothing aura about her, as if you will always be safe when she’s around.


God of War (Good)

Iiora, or “The Shield Hand of War”, believes in using strength and martial power to defend the weak and champion the downcast. She is highly honorable, and her clerics and paladins are some of the noblest and fiercest warriors in the world.

Iiora, while a god of war, is directly at odds with the philosophies of the other god of war, Arn.

Ancient History

Iiora served as Yusha’s main strategic adviser during the Nightmare War. She is keenly adept at defensive positions, preferring to minimize casualties during a battle. Since the Nightmare War was primarily a defensive game, her expertise was invaluable.

Involvement in Our Game

Iiora has not had any involvement in our game yet.


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