Eccentric Old Goblin Shaman


A swamp-dwelling goblin grandmother of many, Gretch is not one to put on airs. She summons the spirit of her grandmother to aid in battle… well, the bear who ate her grandmother… well both really, their spirits meshed together… you know what? Stop asking questions, it’s a “spirit” thing, you wouldn’t understand.


Gretch lived a peaceful life in her hut in the middle of the Vilewater Marsh in the Goblin Kingdom, and was regularly visited by her many, many grandchildren until one day when simple matters such as disappearing travelers, strange lights and sounds drove people out of the swamp. The Goblin King even decreed that no one should enter the swamp anymore. Gretch, being a recluse, of course never heard this declaration.

One day, her solace was interrupted as a giant castle sprang forth from the swamp beneath her hut, destroying it completely. The castle had been raised from its resting place by a group of trolls searching for an ancient weapon.

Gretch, who was dangling from the wall of this new castle, was soon rescued by our group of heroes and joined them, seeking to make them pay for the destruction of her hut.


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